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Guilty Crown FC UPDATES!!!


:iconsingplz:Hello all!       :iconsingplz:

Been awhile since the last journal entry....but anyways, I only have slight updates for Guilty Crown, and catch ups on :iconredjuice999: SO.

On the redjuicegraphics wall, there is a video post. It says "first-half" but to me, its just a real cool MV with cuts from the preview and other episodes. Its good enough to keep me thinking though. many of you all heard about Beatless the illustrations are done all by yours truly :iconredjuice999:  and the official site with the light novel available to download! (of course you'll have to be able to read Japanese.)


Then next in the line...although I'm not sure if redjuice is completely a part of this...we have

『ルー=ガルー2』 aka...Loups=Garous 2

This is a PV for the second book.…

Notice the illustrations? THEY LOOK LIKE redjuice!!  :heart:

I hope they make this a movie too though...the first movie was great...

But yep. Off I go a few days my stitches comes off...I'm hoping Guilty Crown Episode 12 is released by then. :heart:

Thank you all for supporting :iconguilty-crown--fc:
Remember to keep spreading the love :heart:
bbmatthew Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012
.... Can someone translate the "Beatless" novel....
TakemaKei Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes ルー=ガルー2 is done by redjuice.
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